The buildings we create inspire us and reflect who we are as a society!

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About Us

Keen Developments team of real estate professionals has visualized and implemented unique approaches to different types of development opportunities in select markets. The company’s overall approach takes into account all aspects of each property. The development plan is always designed with a profound understanding of the marketplace in which the property will be developed, sold or leased.

From its inception in 2014 the company has come a long way and prides itself in being involved in the development of over 700,000 sqft in prime Residential projects.

As a privately owned real estate owner and developer, Keen Developments manages all segments of its projects and acquisitions, from sourcing, underwriting, budgeting, financing and development management, to ongoing construction and property management. To achieve strong returns on its investments the team of highly skilled professionals combines vision, market knowledge and a keen ability to execute.

Our Approach

A frontrunner philosophy –
where our principal objective is to create an absolutely positive experience for anyone with whom Keen Developments interacts, internally and externally, customers and partners, and service providers – where individuals are committed to continuous personal improvement, optimization of processes and a mindset where mastery of our industry is the goal.

A carefully selected keen group of individuals and partners-
who demonstrate extraordinary integrity, passion, commitment, drive, intelligence, creativity, humility, and compassion.

A culture of excellence –
committed to continual analysis of the market and adapting to changing trends to fulfill our obligations of delivering meticulously planned and executed projects.

Our Team

Keen Developments is comprised of a diversified team of experienced real estate, financial and management specialists. The senior management team has invested and operated real estate in various market cycles and through a hands-on, collaborative effort is able to seamlessly execute on its investment strategies and constantly adapt its business to ever-changing market conditions. Our team overseas every aspect of each project, from conception to completion, devoting the time, energy and resources necessary to deliver on our commitments.

We believe that a thorough understanding of the industry in select markets enables us, through clear communication and proficient execution, to successfully acquire, finance, develop and manage the most sophisticated urban development projects.

Board's Message

The concept of belonging to one’s roots is the essence of a community’s sense of loyalty, unity and character. One’s home is integral to that concept and plays a great role in unifying them with their roots and sentiment of recognition. We at Keen Developments are passionate about being a part of that concept and serving to shape the community for a better future by developing exceptional homes, workplaces and communities.

We aim to create both value and beauty. The results are superior quality significant residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects known for originality, attention to detail, and adding to the rich quality of community life. This dedication and attention to detail ensures that the space planning, design, internal building amenities as well as the advantageous external amenities surrounding the development satisfy our end-users.

Our Inspirations

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.

It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.